There’s no escaping, this Italian summer will be rainy and with a low temperature. However, since everything in life we can always have something positive in return, at least we can wear outfits a little bit more dashing, when you go to the beach by the end of the afternoon and maybe at a party by the beach wear jackets, vests over your bathing suits. Today I give you an outfit a bit more romantic and with a little bit of lace everything gets more chic. 🙂

1t (19) 10t (10) 3t (20) 11t (7)

Hold my hands at sunset .when the light of day and the darkness slips off her cloth of stars … Keep it close when I can not live this imperfect world …Hold my hand …take me where time does not exist …
Keep it hard to live in close.Hold my hand …on days when I feel confused …sing me the song of the stars sweet chant of voices breathe …Hold my hand…
-Herman Hesse-

Clothing : thrift shop

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